Rishikesh (God of Senses) also written as Hrishikesh with H silent. It is a city governed by Rishikesh Municipal Corporation since October 2017 and a tehsil in Dehradun district of the Indian state of Uttrakhand. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India. It is known as the Garhwal Himalayas and Yoga capital of the world it lies approximately 25 km north of the city Haridwar and 43 km southeast of the state capital Dehradun.

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This trip was a little different from my other trips.


So one day I decided to pack my bags and take a trip to this beautiful and peaceful place called Rishikesh. The journey I cover from Delhi to Rishikesh was by bus after 3 to 4 hrs I finally reach my destination and take some rest in the hostel.

The name of my hostel was ( Shalom Backpackers) in Tapovan with an amazing view of gang Ji you can easily find this hostel on google maps and the best part about staying in the hostel is you can meet lots of different people from a different culture from different cities of India and different country from all over the world.

Another best part of the hostel was that the hostel was very cheap like Rs300 per night and the other best part were the food was amazing where you get cuisines for all your choices 250-300 per person like Indian, Continental, Israeli and all of them were so yummy.

Places to Visit.(Rishikesh)

Lakshaman Jhula

It is a suspension bridge across the river Ganga located 5 km north-east of the city of Rishikesh. The bridge connects to the two villages of Tapovan in Tehri Garhwal district on the west bank of the river to Jonk in Pauri Garhwal district on the east bank. It is a pedestrian bridge that was also used by motorbike. Despite its location on the outskirts of the city, it is one of the iconic landmarks of Rishikesh. A larger bridge 2 km downstream from Lakshman Jhula is Ram Jhula

If you staying in Lakshman Jhula you can easily walk to an area called ram Jhula its where lots of yoga and meditation ashrams are located as well as tons of shops selling stickers, trinkets, spiritual books and cloths with beautiful designs

Triveni Ghat.

This is a beautiful Ghat along the River Ganga with spiritual activities. It’s a great place to visit to experience the local religious traditions in Rishikesh.

 Get out onto the beautiful and holy Ganges river and experience stunning views of Rishikesh and the nature beyond whilst on a fun and thrilling white water rafting trip. You can choose between Grade 1-5, depending on the difficulty you want. This is one of the most fun ways to see Rishikesh and the holy river.

Neer Garh Waterfall.

After spending the day on Triveni ghat I rent a bike and drive to this waterfall the distance was almost 6 to 7 km from Triveni this waterfall radiates their empyrean beauty as the tumbles down the rocky cliff. So I spend my afternoon on neer waterfall swimming in cold water with locals was also a very beautiful experience

Rishikesh is the city that enchants and overwhelms at the same time.

I spent my mostly time just walking the street of Rishikesh. The mystical environment gives you the feeling of inner peace, just by being there and breathing in the city. The holy river Ganga, The Sadhus, the yoga, international tourist that mingle here like local and the Hindu mythology! there is just so much to absorb and imbibe here, that just a day can feel like a trip of a lifetime and it was the best.

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Agra As we all know about Agra, that it is most famous for the iconic beauty of the Taj Mahal. I came to Agra for the same reason as everyone does, to see the Taj Mahal. The one attraction that sits at the top of every visitor’s travel route to the city but before coming to that point i want to tell some more important places to visit in Agra.

My first step in Agra was in.

Dayal Bagh.

Dayal bagh means “Garden of merciful” is also a state in. It is the headquarter of the Dayal bagh sector of Radhasoami faith.


Where the 8th revered leader (sant satguru) lives and presides over the satsung and I went to dayal bagh just to see the temple which was in under construction for the last 113 years.
Well, I can say that Radhasoami temple is also a beautiful place to visit in Agra (Dayal bagh). The building of radhasoami temple is one that would consider a true creation by dedication. Stonecutter has labored for more than a hundred years of the building of this unique structure.


Radhasoami Faith.

Followers beliefs of the radhasoami temple is that message of huzur radhasoami regarding the faith will spread not by any propaganda but by an example of pious and religious life of simplicity. They believe in the idea of the fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man and have respect for all faith and religions and their leader.

About Industries.

Small-scale industries also known as modal industries were established In 1916 to provide employment and a source of livelihood to the person residing in the colony. It has done some pioneering work in the country. The industries have now been decentralized and cottage scale production of good daily necessity is taking place in units set up by satsangis all over the country.

Now the plan for the next was to visit The Agra fort

Agra Fort.

Agra Fort is the historical fort in Agra( India). It was the main residence of the emperor of the Mughal dynasty until 1638 when the capital was shifted from Agra to Delhi. The Agra Fort is a beautiful fort with a history of its own. It was formally known as Badalgarh. The special about the fort is that all the emperor of Mughal era was residence here at least once in there life. It can be very beautiful place for the historical lovers because of its historical richness and of its architectural beauty.

Some details of Agra Fort :

  • Agra red fort located in Rakabganj Agra (Uttar Pradesh) covered the area of 95 acre (38 ha)
  • Agra red fort was built between 1565-1573 with the beautiful Mughal architectural style
  • The timing for the visit to the red fort is between 6.00 am to 6.00 pm
  • The ticket price for the fort is just Rs 35 for Indian citizens and Rs 550 for foreigners.

little History

After the first battle of Panipat in 1526 Babur stayed in the Agra fort. He later builds a baoli in it (stepwell). His successor, Humayun was crowned in the fort in 1530. He was defeated in 1540 by Sher Shah Suri. The fort remained with the suri’s till 1555 than Humayun recaptured it.

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Taj Mahal.


So now we are at Taj mahal, the day when I went to Taj mahal was also seemed to be very beautiful, I was standing in a queue and waiting for my turn to purchase my ticket at that time there wasn’t much crowd so in after 15 to 30 minute I got my ticket and entered through the front gate of Taj mahal.

Iconic beauty and jaw-dropping!-Words can never be enough to describe the beauty of this symbol of eternal love, one of the most admired seven wonders in the world is a classic tale of the declaration of love by a Mughal emperor Shahjahan for his wife Mumtaz. The artistic masterpiece was built by Shahjahan in the loving memory of his wife (Mumtaz) who died during her childbirth,


Next time I visit Taj mahal in between October to December  or February to March because I heard the moderate and comfortable weather during this time slot makes it the most pleasant in this duration

The best time of the day to visit the Taj Mahal, Agra is sunrise. Taj Mahal looks like a blooming flower when the morning rays of the sun hit it and turn it into pink color.


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Backpack is one of the most important task while travel. Let’s get to know how you should pack your bags or what kind of bags you should use.


My way of thinking is anyone can be travel in the world cheaply, easily and independently. But only if you are devoted to and taking that step of dream around the world trip is actually can be difficult at first. There is so much information to try first, like what you should carry with you or what you should carry with in you bag. Basically about packing your bag.

I am a kind of person who live to travel and always love to travel light. I never carry so many stuffs with me which makes me uncomfortable while travelling, my first problem starts with my backpack is that what should i carry with me and sometime while travelling to different places i need to do packing according to the places.

So i am here to give some information about the backpacking from my little experiences.

About backpacks.

The best backpacks are those ones that last longest and stay in good condition no matter how much you abuse it. Never carry those stuffs which you are not going to use it on ongoing trip, always travel light. Don’t get a backpack which doesn’t check of all the points on the list:

  • Water-resistant material
  • Lockable zipper
  • Multiple compartments
  • Padded shoulder straps


Water-resistant material, Backpack

Well if you are going on a trip where you’ll encounter yourself with rainy or monsoon weather, than your bag must be waterproof and sometime pack does not need to be 100% waterproof unless you are going on some long malty-day hike. I look for a material which is thick and light in weight.

Lockable Zipper

Well packing my bag, i worried while travelling that someone will going to break into my bag and i am always paranoid that someone is going to put something in my bag or that a grabby baggage handler is going to take my stuff. So that’s why, While purchasing a bag for a travel you need to make sure that each component had two zipper, just to make sure that you can lock them together and your stuff will be safe in the bag.

Multiple Compartments

A good bag must have multiple compartments. This way you can breakup your belonging into smaller sections so that it’ll be easier to access and find the stuff you need.

Like if my cloths will be in main compartment of the bag and some smaller things will be in other side of the compartment it’ll save time to having in dig around in bag.

Padded Shoulder straps

This makes carry your load more comfortably as the weight of your bag will also be pushing downward on your shoulder. The pad will put less pressure off your lower back.


These are something which help me keeping my stuff safe.

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At the end.

Thanks for reading this.

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Shimla Trip

Shimla trip was one of the best experiences of my life. Here are some of the information and some stories regarding to my trip.



Toy Train ride (Kalka to Solan)

Shimla Trip was one of the best trip of the year. Kalka Shimla Railway is a Formal name for Shimla toy train. UNESCO (United Naitions Educational, Scintific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage site. The kalka-Shimla railway is 2 feet 6 -inch narrow-gauge railway line and thats why its very narrow than a usual trains in India, it goes along with a mountainous route from kalka to shimla, but we travel from kalka to solan.

The train is famous for its pictures views of the snow-covered peaks and the villages. During the snow falls and covers the route. The journey will become the most memorable of your life.

Train journey

As you arrive on Kalka Station, you can expact a climb as soon as toy train departs from the Kalka station. Beginning of Shimla trip, The toy train runs along the line, with the best scenic views of the world. Forests full of deodar,. Oak, ficus, and maple woods are crossed at a speed of only. 22km/hr. With giving you the precious time to enjoy the views. The journey shows you the transition from one vegetation type to another.


The glory of the railway stations and the Gothic-style bridges thats come in route. Smell of fresh dew on trees, chirping of the birds, humble villages folk and grazzing cattle and softrays of the sun are sure to detox you.

Shimla trip (Solan)

shimla So ya we arrived in Solan

Solan is also known as the “City Of Red Gold”,because of the massive production of Tomatoes .The solan is situated in between. Chandigarh and. Shimla (State capital) on the kalka-shimla, national highway-22. The narrow gauge Kalka shimla railway passes through solan. Located on the punjab-himachal border, solan is nestled in the shivalik hills of the himalayas. Which makes shimla trip more beautiful.

Solan has ancient temples and monesteries. The city has one of the oldest breweries in the country. some tourist places like the shoolini mata temple and mohan shakti national heritage park are popular places for tourists in solan.

After rest for a day, next day we went to Mohan Shakti National Heritage Park.

In solan.


We took a bus to Salogra, and after 1 or 1/2 hr we reached to salogra. The distance from salogra to heritage park is about 6-7 km, so to reach the national heritage park you need to book a texi or auto rikshaw from salogra. But we decided to take a walk, because we thought this could be fun like. “Mountain trakking”. (Strongly recommended do not take a walk to park) because i was not so good in walking but that time i didn’t know the distance so we decided to take a walk. So after an hour finally we reached the heritage park. After a very long walk. When we reached to park it felt so beautiful, and music was playing in surrounding with the view of the temple in between the mountains was so good.


In the beginning of shimla trip we dont’t have any idea that in solan, the national heritage park can be that much beautiful, and the exprrience was soo good.

Fun fact is in shimla trip we came to know that, as a special gesture, the mohan shakti trust has also decided to adopt the entire gram panchayat of salogra for a total literacy program.

Let’s end shimla trip (solan) with some details of heritage park.

Some details of Park

The national park is present on right bank of river Ashwani.

12 km from Solan. The cost of heritage park is around Rs 100 Crore. which is spread in over 40 acres of land.

It is known for its. Vedic science studies and education about finding of the vedas and ancient indian culture. The park was founded by mohan shakti trust. under kapil mohan. (retired brigadier and the past chairman of the trust).

some pictures-Inside temple


Day in Shimla.


A day in Shimla was also very beautiful day for us. The mall road is the main street in shimla and is lined with the shops and restaurants. Cars not allowed on the mall beyond a certain point because of tourist. They likes to takes walk in shimla. so that’s why any kind of vehicles is not allowed in the market area. making this an ideal place to visit around and stoak in the very relaxed atmosphere of shimla. Walk around a while, and enjoy the wonderful old-world charm that this beautiful hill-station. But also dont miss the mountain views in surrounding.

Mall road-

The mesmerizing capital of Himachal Pradesh has always been a favourite destination. For us and those who crave to escape the scorching heat and choking pollution of polluted citie. Shimla is the largest city of Indian state of himachal pradesh. Shimla gets its name from “Shyamala Mata”, an incarnation of the godess “Kali”.

Last step to “Jakhu Temple”.

Heritage and reverence have co-existed in the hill town of Shimla for a long time now. Hike up from the east end of ridge of Shimla toward the reverse jhaku temple. Through the gates of Rothney Castle, the home of the greatest naturalist, A.O. Hume. Hike uphill to a beautiful temple complemented by the hymn filling the air and the walls murals depiciting Hindu myths. A 33m long Hanuman ji statue and a battalion of his minions stay with you as you stoll through the surrounding forest and here the Shimla trip ends!


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