Shimla Trip

Shimla trip was one of the best experiences of my life. Here are some of the information and some stories regarding to my trip.



Toy Train ride (Kalka to Solan)

Shimla Trip was one of the best trip of the year. Kalka Shimla Railway is a Formal name for Shimla toy train. UNESCO (United Naitions Educational, Scintific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage site. The kalka-Shimla railway is 2 feet 6 -inch narrow-gauge railway line and thats why its very narrow than a usual trains in India, it goes along with a mountainous route from kalka to shimla, but we travel from kalka to solan.

The train is famous for its pictures views of the snow-covered peaks and the villages. During the snow falls and covers the route. The journey will become the most memorable of your life.

Train journey

As you arrive on Kalka Station, you can expact a climb as soon as toy train departs from the Kalka station. Beginning of Shimla trip, The toy train runs along the line, with the best scenic views of the world. Forests full of deodar,. Oak, ficus, and maple woods are crossed at a speed of only. 22km/hr. With giving you the precious time to enjoy the views. The journey shows you the transition from one vegetation type to another.


The glory of the railway stations and the Gothic-style bridges thats come in route. Smell of fresh dew on trees, chirping of the birds, humble villages folk and grazzing cattle and softrays of the sun are sure to detox you.

Shimla trip (Solan)

shimla So ya we arrived in Solan

Solan is also known as the “City Of Red Gold”,because of the massive production of Tomatoes .The solan is situated in between. Chandigarh and. Shimla (State capital) on the kalka-shimla, national highway-22. The narrow gauge Kalka shimla railway passes through solan. Located on the punjab-himachal border, solan is nestled in the shivalik hills of the himalayas. Which makes shimla trip more beautiful.

Solan has ancient temples and monesteries. The city has one of the oldest breweries in the country. some tourist places like the shoolini mata temple and mohan shakti national heritage park are popular places for tourists in solan.

After rest for a day, next day we went to Mohan Shakti National Heritage Park.

In solan.


We took a bus to Salogra, and after 1 or 1/2 hr we reached to salogra. The distance from salogra to heritage park is about 6-7 km, so to reach the national heritage park you need to book a texi or auto rikshaw from salogra. But we decided to take a walk, because we thought this could be fun like. “Mountain trakking”. (Strongly recommended do not take a walk to park) because i was not so good in walking but that time i didn’t know the distance so we decided to take a walk. So after an hour finally we reached the heritage park. After a very long walk. When we reached to park it felt so beautiful, and music was playing in surrounding with the view of the temple in between the mountains was so good.


In the beginning of shimla trip we dont’t have any idea that in solan, the national heritage park can be that much beautiful, and the exprrience was soo good.

Fun fact is in shimla trip we came to know that, as a special gesture, the mohan shakti trust has also decided to adopt the entire gram panchayat of salogra for a total literacy program.

Let’s end shimla trip (solan) with some details of heritage park.

Some details of Park

The national park is present on right bank of river Ashwani.

12 km from Solan. The cost of heritage park is around Rs 100 Crore. which is spread in over 40 acres of land.

It is known for its. Vedic science studies and education about finding of the vedas and ancient indian culture. The park was founded by mohan shakti trust. under kapil mohan. (retired brigadier and the past chairman of the trust).

some pictures-Inside temple


Day in Shimla.


A day in Shimla was also very beautiful day for us. The mall road is the main street in shimla and is lined with the shops and restaurants. Cars not allowed on the mall beyond a certain point because of tourist. They likes to takes walk in shimla. so that’s why any kind of vehicles is not allowed in the market area. making this an ideal place to visit around and stoak in the very relaxed atmosphere of shimla. Walk around a while, and enjoy the wonderful old-world charm that this beautiful hill-station. But also dont miss the mountain views in surrounding.

Mall road-

The mesmerizing capital of Himachal Pradesh has always been a favourite destination. For us and those who crave to escape the scorching heat and choking pollution of polluted citie. Shimla is the largest city of Indian state of himachal pradesh. Shimla gets its name from “Shyamala Mata”, an incarnation of the godess “Kali”.

Last step to “Jakhu Temple”.

Heritage and reverence have co-existed in the hill town of Shimla for a long time now. Hike up from the east end of ridge of Shimla toward the reverse jhaku temple. Through the gates of Rothney Castle, the home of the greatest naturalist, A.O. Hume. Hike uphill to a beautiful temple complemented by the hymn filling the air and the walls murals depiciting Hindu myths. A 33m long Hanuman ji statue and a battalion of his minions stay with you as you stoll through the surrounding forest and here the Shimla trip ends!


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