Agra As we all know about Agra, that it is most famous for the iconic beauty of the Taj Mahal. I came to Agra for the same reason as everyone does, to see the Taj Mahal. The one attraction that sits at the top of every visitor’s travel route to the city but before coming to that point i want to tell some more important places to visit in Agra.

My first step in Agra was in.

Dayal Bagh.

Dayal bagh means “Garden of merciful” is also a state in. It is the headquarter of the Dayal bagh sector of Radhasoami faith.


Where the 8th revered leader (sant satguru) lives and presides over the satsung and I went to dayal bagh just to see the temple which was in under construction for the last 113 years.
Well, I can say that Radhasoami temple is also a beautiful place to visit in Agra (Dayal bagh). The building of radhasoami temple is one that would consider a true creation by dedication. Stonecutter has labored for more than a hundred years of the building of this unique structure.


Radhasoami Faith.

Followers beliefs of the radhasoami temple is that message of huzur radhasoami regarding the faith will spread not by any propaganda but by an example of pious and religious life of simplicity. They believe in the idea of the fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man and have respect for all faith and religions and their leader.

About Industries.

Small-scale industries also known as modal industries were established In 1916 to provide employment and a source of livelihood to the person residing in the colony. It has done some pioneering work in the country. The industries have now been decentralized and cottage scale production of good daily necessity is taking place in units set up by satsangis all over the country.

Now the plan for the next was to visit The Agra fort

Agra Fort.

Agra Fort is the historical fort in Agra( India). It was the main residence of the emperor of the Mughal dynasty until 1638 when the capital was shifted from Agra to Delhi. The Agra Fort is a beautiful fort with a history of its own. It was formally known as Badalgarh. The special about the fort is that all the emperor of Mughal era was residence here at least once in there life. It can be very beautiful place for the historical lovers because of its historical richness and of its architectural beauty.

Some details of Agra Fort :

  • Agra red fort located in Rakabganj Agra (Uttar Pradesh) covered the area of 95 acre (38 ha)
  • Agra red fort was built between 1565-1573 with the beautiful Mughal architectural style
  • The timing for the visit to the red fort is between 6.00 am to 6.00 pm
  • The ticket price for the fort is just Rs 35 for Indian citizens and Rs 550 for foreigners.

little History

After the first battle of Panipat in 1526 Babur stayed in the Agra fort. He later builds a baoli in it (stepwell). His successor, Humayun was crowned in the fort in 1530. He was defeated in 1540 by Sher Shah Suri. The fort remained with the suri’s till 1555 than Humayun recaptured it.

To know more about the Agra Fort History click Here.

Taj Mahal.


So now we are at Taj mahal, the day when I went to Taj mahal was also seemed to be very beautiful, I was standing in a queue and waiting for my turn to purchase my ticket at that time there wasn’t much crowd so in after 15 to 30 minute I got my ticket and entered through the front gate of Taj mahal.

Iconic beauty and jaw-dropping!-Words can never be enough to describe the beauty of this symbol of eternal love, one of the most admired seven wonders in the world is a classic tale of the declaration of love by a Mughal emperor Shahjahan for his wife Mumtaz. The artistic masterpiece was built by Shahjahan in the loving memory of his wife (Mumtaz) who died during her childbirth,


Next time I visit Taj mahal in between October to December  or February to March because I heard the moderate and comfortable weather during this time slot makes it the most pleasant in this duration

The best time of the day to visit the Taj Mahal, Agra is sunrise. Taj Mahal looks like a blooming flower when the morning rays of the sun hit it and turn it into pink color.


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