About Me

About Me


Hello! I am Shubham

I am here to share some of my personal experience from my journey like how I got addicted to travelling. why I started my blogs ?

On Thursday. 29th October 2020. I started writing my own blogs, inspired by some other travel bloggers basically I had nothing special to do in my life or any kind of big plans, no bucket list, no end date.

Travelling for me is about exploring places or find that kind of place which are not very famous but more beautiful in their own way. The people I met always make the trip.,that’s why I usually like to travel solo it makes me easier to connect with the people I met on the trip and during travelling, I also love to click pictures of places, destinations, different types of mystorical monuments. The places where I truly live my self out of these busy cities.

So what do you want to Know? I always find these about me, pages a bit weird to write but hey, one slightly boring biography coming up.


I was born in New Delhi. (INDIA) and although I always had an obsession with train and travel, it wasn’t until my early 20s that I really discovered travelling. I like travelling more than the destination. So now I’ve started my own blog (www.timescape.in) I guess I can be a “Professional Blogger” among other things.

Those other things being a photographer, travel, singing, rapping and whatever else I find myself doing in the wacky world of travel.

You can share my post if you actually find the content helpful, this only helps me get better by knowing what you want and do share your feedback in the comment section or contact me through by clicking here.


Thanks for reading, I hope you find some helpful stuff here.

Safe travels!